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I discovered it ever since I started Runescape years ago

However, from nowhere, traps begin to fall, bait goes missing, some people are being attacked by. . Creatures? and there! You find the rare creature... but it's to brittle to pick up, and you also require it alive or all is lost! Maybe if enouph cubes were put ahead of it, and a few of the specially designed traps set up farther down the road have been activated, you might have a opportunity!

Well, for your 1st idea that is mostly what I had in mind... I might get some images, but moreover, keep in mind it has to be entertaining, and also something JaGeX would want to do. So if it seems somewhat silly, then it is on purpose ^_^ (again, thoughts welcome)

Idea number deux must do with animals. There would be two sides: predators and prey. Each side wants. Something from the other, so that side are you on? It's that time of years , you need food to fatten up, (for the impending winter that never comes) and keep away for later. However, it appears there are more predators about this year, and not only have they injured most of the animals that have attempted to gather food from the plentiful valley they inhabit, but they seem to be on to most of the tricks you have been utilizing.

However, if every one of the animals banned collectively, some rushing to have the meals, getting if they could, distracting the critters or even, other scaling from the undergrowth to get food, if the bees do not find them! , and ducks to swim (watch for those pesky crocodiles!) , and other animals to counter the preys a bit, such as unicorns to interfere with birds, bears to distract snakes, etc., then all the animals may have a better opportunity!

It's been a harder getting food this season despite lots of prey. There are more of you, and the critters have been hiding more than they used to. However, you have learned some of their suggestions, and feel your prepared for anything!Except, it appears they are coming in great numbers!

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